Our doctor of chiropractic in Battle Ground WA is a specialist in spinal musculoskeletal disorders. He is expertly trained to treat people with many musculoskeletal conditions or injuries that may occur on the job or in daily life. 

Chiropractic treatment is designed to restore normal alignment and thus minimize pain and suffering. Gentle manipulative therapy or “adjustment” is often effective in rapidly returning the injured person to a productive status. The doctor of chiropractic can also provide guidance with advice designed to reduce work-related injuries, proper lifting procedures and therapeutic stretching exercises.
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Our chiropractic treatment is based on your needs. 

Care recommendation and treatment methods are tailored to your needs. 

Care based on outcome / response using:
- manual chiropractic adjusting
- instrument adjusting
- drop table technique adjusting
- stretching and soft tissue techniques
- home care instruction

Definition of chiropractic adjustment/spinal manipulation:

A chiropractic adjustment involves the movement of a joint just past its usual active range of motion. This may produce a popping noise called a cavitation. An adjustment may also be the application of a lower force movement of a joint with the assistance of an instrument to a joint in order to restore normal function.

The goal of the chiropractic adjustment is to assist the healing, either in function or pain reduction.

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Mission Statement:
Our mission is to provide quality chiropractic care for all in a friendly and professional environment. We strive to serve our patients in a down to earth, home town way while maintaining a professional, patient-centered practice in the Battle Ground community.